Development of interior design and interior design projects.

The interior of the rooms in a house is the whole essence of it, its character and energy. The more harmonious the atmosphere in the house is - the more you are drawn into it. And the best interior designs have always been perceived as a materialized manifestation of the inner world of their hosts.

This is why the work of our studio is based on individual approach to each client. Any design project of apartment interior, as well as architectural projects of country houses, which we create, are in the first place, fulfilment of desires and requirements of our customer, and only afterwards- realization of creative potential of their designer or an architect. On the other hand, the latter is very important too, so we approach any task creatively and do not seek standard solutions.

Interior design of house rooms: living- room, dining- room, hallway

Interior design studio ELIT builds up its work on mutual understanding with customers and aspiration to the highest possible level of quality. We have plenty of original ideas at hand to help to create unique interior designs of houses, cottages, apartments and other premises, which require good external presentations. Thanks to talents and skills of our designers, you will see that an interior design can bring about a wonderful transformation, which would change your personal environment and perception of the world.

Of course, it is up to a person to order a design project at a specialist or do it all by himself. As a matter of fact, a professionally designed interior always differs from an unprofessional one by its integrity, grace, perfect compatibility and right meaningful accents of all its elements. And even before that, it saves your time and money. Those individuals, who seek for an ideal, inside their personal living space always think about where to get an interior designer, which designer to get, before they start their house renovation. It has proved to be a very delicate matter. Even a well acclaimed professional may simply not fit in with your views and tastes. This is why, it is advisory to talk first, to look through his or her portfolio and find out whether you fully understand each other, speak the same language.

The design studio ELIT has been on the market of renovation and design services since 1997. During that time we have managed not only to accumulate a considerable experience and a significant client base but learn to feel the needs of our clients and understand them at a glance. With us the cost of interior design fully corresponds to the remarkable level of quality. And our clients typically find that they did not regret money spent on such a result. The name of the studio is now known to many. People turn to us for projects of all sizes: from the design of a small room to a request to do a complete design of a cottage interior.

When an interior design project of a house is done by one single company - the house in the future is perceived as a whole: its every very corner is cozy and pleasant for hosts and guests, each room is fully responds to its purpose and expectations of the residents of the house. And how much such houses liked to be visited by guests! An interior design of the living room can be a dream come true for all, who sooner or later would see it. In general, the interior of the living room at a house "connects" the owner~s private space to the "outside" - the expectations and feelings of the guests. Interior design of a dining room, as a rule, is something more "private", but at the same time, friendly and open to all house visitors, unlike the interior of a bedroom, where everything is aimed more to reflect the inner psychological world of its owner. We feel fine "mood" of each room, of what it would be, and render it in the process of creating our projects.

Architectural planning of the houses, architectural drafts and project development.

In addition to interior design services, our studio also makes architectural projects of country houses. And if you wish not only to draw out your inner space, but to build up your home “from scratch”, you do not need to look any further. You are already in the right place. Order design of your country residence at the studio ELITE!

All you need, is to tell to our specialist about your preferences and discuss your plans for the future house. The price for an architectural draft would forms depending on the level of complexity of the tasks and the total area of the premises being planned. In all cases, already at our first meetings we would be able to give you an approximate estimate cost of the project.

We seek active cooperation with a client in this creative work. To order an architectural project at us means to realize your dream of a perfect home.
Architecture and interior design is our inspiration, and we can do everything possible to make your home or working space perfect, starting from project creation, following support and supervision at all stages of construction works, and ending with selection, delivery and installation of furniture.



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