Unlike most of design studios, we are able not only to design your project, but fully bring it into life. We cooperate with several professional building teams, and are on well-established and friendly terms with more then 200 Italian and Spanish catalogue furniture producers; we can implement even the most daring design solutions. Our design studio means dozens of realized projects and hundreds of satisfied customers.

Complex design.

We deal with complex designs, ranging from redevelopment of a property to a complete development plus refurbishment and making it ready to be moved in.

Stages of Complex Design:

Development of the concept. At this stage we offer a choice of 3 variants of planning solutions, and 3 sketches of proposed image of the area of our client’s choice, usually living- room, as the central area of ​​an apartment / house. 


Sketch drawing. At this stage, we prepare a complete imaging of a project, using watercolor or 3D computer technology (at customer's choice) on the basis of the preliminary approved concept, work out a set of drawings and full preliminary proposal on complectation of the project (finishing materials, furniture, fixtures, accessories, etc.).


Full Working project. At this stage a full planning of the project is being made with all the necessary drawings and documents, the walls layouts, tile layout, imaging of all specific interior elements (stained glass, forging, exclusive furniture, etc.). On the "working project" stage, the full specification of the project (consolidated budget) is being prepared.


Architect’s Supervision.

It goes on on a construction site. In the process of supervision we do:

  • Monitor and eliminate any problems, that may emerge in the process of construction;
  • Coordination of actions of subcontractors;
  • Supervision of hand-made painting;
  • Agreement of templates and samples of decorative elements;
  • Supervision of colouring;
  • Agreement of textile designs, selection of fabrics;
  • Completion of the project;
  • Decoration in compliance with the customer demand.

|On-site supervision is carried out before handing over the finished project to the customer.

We can do it all!



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